Playoff Picture

Week 1 Playoff Picture – 2014


Texas A&M upset South Carolina, jumbling the SEC playoff bid. Texas A&M now surpasses Alabama in playoff likelihood from the SEC West and Georgia joins the SEC East picture. Missouri has not endeared many playoff mentions in the media, but their relatively easy schedule and their impressive results last year keep the computer high on their chances.


Georgia got a leg up in their Chick-Fil-A Kickoff victory over Clemson, who takes a tumble to be replaced by Louisville who knocked Miami out. Virginia Tech joins the ranks of those looking to make the playoff. But, they have a game date against Ohio State this week and only a 0.71% chance of finishing the season undefeated.

The Big Ten

Ohio State leads all teams as the most likely playoff team. Minnesota takes a peak at the playoff picture this week, after Wisconsin’s loss to LSU. The Gophers only have a 0.62% chance of finishing undefeated but, after, Nebraska, have the best chance of doing so from the Big Ten West.

The Big 2

Oops. Typo? Baylor has a higher rank, but Texas’s strength of schedule makes them the more likely playoff team. Oklahoma and Texas are set for their Red River Showdown October 11th.

The Pac-12

USC and Stanford are matched this week to see who will take the first lead toward the pursuit of the playoffs. Oregon and Michigan State are pit in another game between playoff contenders. As an Out-Of-Conference-Game played early in the year, the loser of this game could still come back into the playoff, but we may get a better picture of which conference has the most depth.

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