Playoff Picture

Week 2 Playoff Picture – 2014

Down Goes the Big Ten

Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech and Michigan State lost to Oregon. Surprisingly Ohio State is clinging to one of a spot in the On Deck Circle clocking in at a 100% chance of making the playoffs should they win out (a 5.95% chance).

Pacific Rise

Ascending into the playoff is now the Pac-12. USC has kicked out Stanford and Washington has joined the fray, for now. The Huskies possess only a 0.58% chance of going undefeated.

A Big Change

The BYU Cougars have upset the Texas Longhorns. The Cougars now enter the On Deck Circle. They have a whopping 11.85% chance of going undefeated (second only to Oklahoma), but only a 92.7% chance of making the playoff. They’ll only finish ahead of the “Power 5” teams if those teams take a loss or, as in the case of Ohio State, two losses. Baylor bounces back into the playoff picture, weak schedule and all.


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