Playoff Picture

Week 3 Playoff Picture – 2014

The Big SEC

Four SEC West teams are now featured in the playoff hunt as LSU enters the On Deck Circle. Georgia suffered a loss to South Carolina, elevating Florida alongside Missouri as the only undefeated SEC East teams remaining. Florida went undefeated 4 times among 10,000 simulations and will likely fall this week to Alabama.

Pac-12 Canibalism

While the other power conferences play only 2 cross-division games, the Pac-12 plays 4. And that means the chances of both divisions sending an undefeated team to the conference championship are slim. This week USC fell to Stanford, elevating Arizona State to next-in-line status. But the UCLA-ASU game in two weeks will likely have a similar effect.


Too harsh? The Cardinals lost to perennial doormat Virginia and stumble out of the playoff picture. Syracuse (with a 0.09% chance of going undefeated) take their place. The ACC is still Florida State’s to lose, with a 11.54% chance of finishing the year undefeated.

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