Playoff Picture

Week 4 Playoff Picture – 2014

South Carolina

In a stunning loss Missouri has lost to Indiana. The loss does not impact their standing in the SEC but their perceived strength and their playoff likelihood has been tossed out the window. South Carolina is now the first team to move into the main arena with a loss, eclipsing Ohio State’s chances of making the playoffs with that lone error on their resume.

Michigan State?

While the polls have the Spartans back in the Top 10, the CFBComputer still has them lagging behind Ohio State. Make no mistake, a win over the Buckeyes would be huge, but as of now Ohio State is more likely to make the playoff. In fact, Nebraska, who plays neither team in the regular season now has a more sure path toward the playoff. They are undefeated, though they’re not getting much love in the polls.

The SEC West

A wiley Ole Miss team has upset LSU. This drops the Tigers from the On Deck Circle, but Ole Miss will have to knock off another SEC West titan if it wants to enter the playoff picture. Alabama, thanks to a win over previously undefeated Florida has leaped back ahead of Texas A&M (who themselves benefitted from a bump following their defeat of South Carolina to open the season), but the SEC West looks chalk full of contenders. I wonder if anyone will make it out undefeated. Even 1 loss could be a miracle.

The Revolving ACC Door

Out goes Syracuse after a loss to Maryland and in comes the next contender to usurp Florida State’s stranglehold on the ACC Atlantic, NC State (0.04% chance of going undefeated). And those two teams get down to business right away next week for the division throne.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh’s unexpected loss to Akron elevates Georgia Tech (who beat previous hopeful Virginia Tech two weeks ago) into the lime light. All the while Duke has quietly put together an undefeated campaign. If they defeat Miami this week things will get a whole lot louder.

The Pac-12 Winnowing Field

This week UCLA and Arizona State will square off for the Pac-12 South lead. Also Washington will face its first major test against Stanford, who beat USC. Like the SEC West, coming out of the Pac-12 with less than 2 losses will be a near miracle.

A Slumbering Giant?

No, the BYU Cougars aren’t world topplers, but they have now become the most likely team to go undefeated, passing previous leaders Florida State and Oklahoma. They’ll still need a loss of two from each conference champion, but the chances are real.

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