Playoff Picture

Week 5 Playoff Picture – 2014

The Circle of Death

Georgia beats Clemson only to be beated by South Carolina, who has now lost to Missouri. The Tigers (of Missouri) are still hampered by their loss to Indiana, but they somehow are still in control of their division. No SEC East team however has strong playoff hopes any longer and attention can now focus on the SEC West.

Texas A&M rides another SEC win over Arkansas to pass the Crimson Tide for “Most Likely To Follow Auburn Into The Playoff.” The duo will face a pair of exciting teams from Mississippi. If either falls we’ll have a clear cut 1 and 2 in the west, although Auburn too will face a tough challenge in LSU this week. Remember, the chances of any one of these teams going undefeated is half that of most other conference leaders.

And Then There Were Three

ASU loses to UCLA and Washington loses to Stanford, leaving 3 undefeated teams in the Pac-12. Two of them, Oregon and Arizona will kickoff against one another this Thursday.

On Deck

Nebraska faces off against Michigan State; BYU goes against Utah State, and Ohio State meets Maryland. We may see some changing faces in this circle following this week’s games. Especially with the big SEC games and chance upsets in the Pac-12 and with Oklahoma vs. TCU and Baylor vs. Texas.

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