Playoff Picture

Week 7 Playoff Picture – 2014

Mississippi Burning

The only remaining undefeated SEC teams are from the Magnolia State, Mississippi. It is quite a surprise that these two have made it to this point. November 29th may be decided by a long-standing in-state rivalry game, but it may not be the Iron Bowl.

Georgia blanked Missouri 34-0 and is now a solid Playoff hopeful. Kentucky meanwhile gears up for their LSU game next week, but don’t expect many fireworks.

Red River Revivalry

Look who is back in the playoff picture: Oklahoma. Their victory over Texas and Baylor’s over TCU has reinstituted the two has conference leaders. Oklahoma, though, is not a lock for the playoff, with an 11-1 record garnering a Top Four spot only 87% of the time. Perhaps the OK State Cowboys can right the ship and make the season finale one to remember.

Pac-ing Out

Arizona has been conquered by the Trojan Army and the Pac-12 is left with no more undefeated teams. Ohio State and Michigan State now enter squarely into the playof picture. November 8th could be a big day in determining the playoff as the Baylor-Oklahoma and MSU-OSU game will be played then.

On Deck

Oregon is now the torch carrying member of the Pac-12. They still have a substantial 97% chance of making the playoff… IF they finish 12-1. Marshall is the new “Group of Five” contender, the sole remaining undefeated team. Even a 13-0 record, however, carries only a  92.3% chance of making the playoff. Auburn is still heavily favored for the playoff, perhaps even as an at-large team.

An At-Large Team?

Georgia Tech has been bounced by Duke, but Florida State won’t coast into a playoff spot. They face fellow undefeated Notre Dame THIS WEEK. The computer still likes Florida State more than any other team, but Notre Dame could upset a Seminole team that has appeared shaky in many of its recent games.


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