Playoff Picture

Week 8 Playoff Picture – 2014

“Big” Turnover

The Big 12 front-runners, Oklahoma and Baylor, lost this past week, to Kansas State and West Virginia. Along with TCU, these 5 teams will make the race to the Big 12 Championship exciting… but don’t expect any of them to come back into the playoff picture in the coming weeks.


The Pac-12 is back into the playoff picture, thanks to those Big 12 upsets. Oregon moves from the On Deck Circle to prime contender. Arizona State has the more arduous schedule, but after defeating Stanford is too on-track for our innagural playoff.

Florida State

The Seminoles have thwarted Notre Dame’s upset attempt with some forth quarter heroics. Florida State is now the most likely team to finish the season undefeated and reach the playoff.


Nothing new here. Kentucky’s miniscule chances of a 12-1 record were dashed hard following a 41-3 beating at the hands of LSU. Alabama now shows up in the On Deck Circle, once again giving the SEC West 4 teams in prime playoff position.

Holding Steady

Michigan State and Ohio State continue their march over lesser teams toward their November 8th matchup. Marshall too (still at < 95% playoff even if finishing undefeated) is walking over its opponents. While the computer likes Marshall, the human polls don’t; the humans will ultimately be the ones selecting the playoff participants; expect an undefeated Marshall to rise only over 2-loss teams from other conferences, and even then, likely not over conference champions.

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