Playoff Picture

Week 9 Playoff Picture – 2014

Let the Gator Growl

Despite losing all hope of winning this season’s championship, perhaps even before it had begun, the Gators have managed to knock Georgia out of playoff contention and hold a semi-plausible chance at making the SEC title game.

Up Go the Odds

Ole Miss fell out of the ranks of undefeated this week yet still controls its own destiny. All of the other teams in playoff position survived the week and saw their chances advance by around 10%. Lots of this had to do with outside contenders in each conference falling by the wayside. While TCU, Baylor, and Kansas State hold on to single losses, the computer has them locked out unless a few more teams stumble ahead.

SEC Conundrum

4 SEC teams still have a 99% chance of a playoff spot should they finish their remaining schedule undefeated. There still are 4 games amongst these teams, but there is also a decent chance more than 1 finishes with less than 2 losses. Could a 1-loss SEC runner-up jump a 1-loss Power Five champion? Maybe, but we’ll watch and see if a conference leader ahead bows out. Auburn-Ole Miss this week.


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