Playoff Picture

Week 10 Playoff Picture – 2014

Ole No!

Two weeks ago the Rebels were riding high. Now, after back-to-back losses to two of the nation’s toughest Tigers teams, Ole Miss is on the outside looking in. The next big SEC game will now be between Alabama and undefeated Mississippi State on November 15th. Auburn is still sniffing at an at-large attempt, but it is these two teams who are in control of their own destiny.

Kansas State – TCU

They’ve won five straight games against after losing to Auburn and now Kansas State is looking like a contender. They are undeafeated in conference play, but have yet to play TCU and Baylor. With a strong OOC schedule they could climb high after a win over TCU this week; but we’re not sure an 11-1 Kansas State would be chosen over an 11-1 Auburn whom they lost to.

Ohio State – Michigan State

It’s finally here. The defacto Big Ten Championship. Sure there are teams in the West who will contend for the Conference crown, some of them even have playoff hopes (dim hopes). But, this game is the toughest test remaining on the schedule for either team. A win here and the Big Ten Championship will be the final play-in.

Good Bye, Marshall

The Thundering Herd climb into the 94th percentile of making the playoffs should they win out. But that number now falls to 84%. The field is simply too crowded at top and the chances of enough teams losing for Marshall to make the field is dwindling. Add in the fact that the Playoff Committee is still not ranking any Group of Five team and Marshall is simply playing for a New Years Bowl.

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