Playoff Picture

Week 12 Playoff Picture – 2014

Beaver Fever

Arizona State has dropped its second game, and to the lowly Oregon State beavers. This catapults 2-loss UCLA into great playoff position. The Bruins are still only at a 93% of getting into the playoff should they win-out, but the road to the Pac-12 Championship and a rematch against Oregon is now in the cards. Up next: cross-town rival USC

The SEC East

We start on the east side mostly for the novety of it. Auburn has now gone from playoff surety to 7-3 with a loss to Georgia. Meanwhile Missouri has gained noteriety for its 19% chance (still only 37.9% if they win-out) of making the playoff. If Missouri too stumbles, Georgia at 2-losses could re-enter the playoff picture much like UCLA has.

The SEC West

Bama has done it, they have conquered the last SEC West contender in Mississippi State. But MSU doesn’t fall too far and sits at 73% chance of making the playoff if they win out. Some of that comes from the chance that Alabama is taken down in Auburn’s death spiral. It looks like the Tide is on top, but drama could still come from anywhere.


The Badgers have upset Nebraska, but they have a tough rode to hoe against Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio State if they want to make the playoff. All of those teams will have Big Ten title hopes to keep the games interesting. Wisconsin has a 16.59% chance of making the playoff but that rises only to 58.7% should they win the next three games.

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