Playoff Picture

Week 13 Playoff Picture – 2014

Florida State Did It!

Remember the Seminoles? The only undefeated team left, the team ‘racing’ through the easiest conference in the Power Five? They have finally crossed the 50% threshold. They have a 55% chance of winning out over Florida and, likely, Georgia Tech. Even if they dropped a game, they’d have a decent chance of squeezing back into the playoff picture.

A Game of Inches

Missouri, Ohio State, UCLA, TCU, and Mississipp State all saw their playoff chances inch upward (about 1%) after this week. Wisconsin, Oregon, and Alabama, saw them nose downward. In these last weeks the strength of each team’s schedule is being revealed as opponents play more and more games. That early-season powerhouse may now seem like a dimbulb. That crummy mid-major may now look like a conference champion. While we’d want the playoff to be all Wins and Losses, strength of schedule plays an important role.

Rivalry Week

Ohio State-Michigan State
Mississippi State-Ole Miss
Oregon-Oregon State
Georgia-Georgia Tech
Arizona-Arizona State
Florida-Florida State
Marshall-Western Kentucky

All of these games have major consequences this week on the playoff. It’s still anyones game. We might see chaos, we might see order. I’m rooting for chaos.

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