ACC Preview

Florida State is again the heavy favorite within the ACC, projected to win the conference 45% of the time. Georgia Tech is the best countermeasure on offer and the two teams this year will meet in the regular season.

In order Clemson, Va Tech, Louisville, Duke, and Miami supply the next echelon of ACC hopefuls, ranging from 9-17% chance of reaching the ACC title game. Should Georgia Tech or Florida State show only shadows of last year’s greatness, expect these teams to pick up the pieces and challenge for the crown.

Beyond the Top 2, only 3 teams garnered over a 4% chance of making a NYS game: Clemson (22%), Louisville (10%), and NC State (5%). The Wolfpack’s inclusion and the general slant toward the Atlantic division, point to the greater strength of schedule here. Only UNC has a worse shot at reaching the ACCCG from the Coastal, but NC State is 5th most likely to play in w game like the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

Florida State (30%), Georgia Tech (11%), and Clemson (6%) are the front-runners for pulling together a playofg run, but the percentages drop percipitously for winning the National Championship, falling to 8%, 2%, and 1% respectively.

In 10,000 years of simulations Syracuse never wins the National Championship and Wake Forest never even reaches the Playoff, but even these teams have a 0.2% chance of making a New Years Six bowl or winning their division. Nothing is set in stone and it is anyone’s game to win.

The Output

W-L (cW-cL) Team (NC/FF/NYS) (CC/DC) undefeated
9.9406-2.0594(6.3627-1.6373) Florida St (861/3008/5872)(4504/6480) 920
8.4219-3.5781(5.2952-2.7048) Clemson (120/692/2224)(1036/1779) 144
7.8201-4.1799(4.9815-3.0185) Louisville (28/218/1004)(468/1010) 54
7.7354-4.2646(4.3840-3.6160) NC State (21/152/555)(217/490) 42
5.9903-6.0097(3.3781-4.6219) BC (9/34/164)(79/190) 13
4.0946-7.9054(2.1210-5.8790) Syracuse (0/4/27)(10/25) 1
4.0028-7.9972(1.9110-6.0890) W Forest (0/0/23)(9/26) 0

8.8663-3.1337(5.7507-2.2493) Ga Tech (256/1144/3522)(2574/5505) 188
7.5955-4.4045(4.3421-3.6579) Duke (18/84/402)(253/981) 46
6.6405-5.3595(4.1959-3.8041) Va Tech (13/76/416)(279/1129) 13
5.3868-6.6132(3.7305-4.2695) Virginia (3/35/198)(144/596) 3
5.9743-6.0257(3.4543-4.5457) Miami (10/70/347)(251/929) 9
5.7545-6.2455(3.1955-4.8045) UNC (3/18/103)(74/324) 10
5.2405-6.7595(2.8975-5.1025) Pittsburgh (1/19/125)(102/536) 5


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