Weekly Preview

Week 6 Preview

We have some good but not too meant ‘Great’ games this week. Undefeated Utah and California will square off in SLC, but after that there are a lot of conference races featuring teams with 1 loss clinging to hopes of a playoff spot yet still competing for the conference crown.

#1 Utah vs. California (11%, 22%) (65% Utah win)

Utah is favored here, having compiled their undefeated record by playing Michigan and Oregon. The Pac-12 will be down to only 1 undefeated team this year and could be the first conference on the outside looking in. But simulations show that teams like 1-loss UCLA, USC, and Stanford are still on-track for a playoff spot.

This Pac-12 showdown has an 11% chance of determining a playoff spot and a 22% chance of determining a spot in a NYS Bowl.

#2 Florida vs. Missouri (10%, 22%) (61% Florida win)

The Gators are favored in the second most important game of the weekend? Missouri only has 1 loss and the game IS in Missouri, so hang on Gator fans.

#3 Notre Dame vs. Navy (8%, 22%) (56% Notre Dame win)

Look Out! Four AAC teams are undefeated and the conference is slowly putting the stranglehold on the Group of Five bid for a NYS game. Could Navy even climb to National Title consideration? Let’s see how well they preforms against a re-grouping Notre Dame team.

#4 Michigan vs. Northwestern (8%, 22%) (50% Michigan win)

Michigan favored (barely) in the #4 game of the week? Is the year 2006? Northwestern has looked stout in compiling its undefeated record; a win here could propel them into Favorite status in the Playoff Picture.

#5 TCU vs. Kansas State (8%, 19%) (70% TCU win)

The top 5 games this week are all of relative equal weight in influencing the postseason, so this Big 12 matchup could be the Game Of The Week if you hail from the American Plains. Bill Snyder gets another chance at Gary Patterson in the hopes of keeping the season on track for a Big 12 Title.

#6 OK State vs. West Virginia (4%, 16%) (60% OK State win)

This is the Big 12 undercard, and I can hardly pass up the opportunity to ‘poke’ fun at Baylor for not yet making this list. The ‘Pokes’ are favored here and could very well continue to 7-0 before meeting the other conference unbeaten.

#7 Florida State vs. Miami (6%, 12%) (77% Florida State win)

The 3 major Florida football programs all playing relevant games this week; what decade is this? (okay, we’ve used that joke a bit. Both teams are undefeated in conference; the computer still likes FSU a lot despite their poor play. Will the Seminoles continue to play like last year, gutting out win after win, or will they finally stumble and fall? My popcorn is already ready.

Other Games >5% chance of affecting New Years Six Bowls:
Iowa > Illinois (57%)
Clemson > Georgia Tech (74%)
Michigan State > Rutgers (83%)
Penn State > Indiana (57%)
LSU > South Carolina (81%)
Alabama > Arkansas (77%)
Oklahoma > Texas (79%)
Ohio State > Maryland (88%)
USC > Washington (68%)


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