Wild Card Projection

Ohio State vs. Louisville, the Wild Card Game more likely than not would feature these two teams. We’ll do a quick run down on WHY these teams should play against each other December 3rd.

1) More Football!
We’ll see every other College Football Playoff contender suit up for one last battle. These division champions “earned” the right to compete for their conference’s crown. If Ohio State and Louisville too are potential playoff contenders then we fans would enjoy seeing they too cladding themselves in the gear of football war.

2) One Fewer Game… isn’t wholly fair.
While Alabama, Clemson, Penn State, and Washington are forced to trudge out to battle one last time, Ohio State and Louisville benefit from their key losses with a weekend on the couch. Virginia Tech may not be the most formidable foe, but should Clemson lose there will be howls if Louisville takes their playoff spot while eating cereal at home.

3) Win Something!
The hisses were deafening when Alabama was selected to re-play LSU for the National Title after the 2011 season. Alabama “couldn’t even win their division”; “why should they play for the Championship?” Similar chants will surround Ohio State and Louisville… unless the two did “win something” a Wild Card Game betwixt them. No, it is not a Conference Championship, but it is a lot better than losing the biggest game you played all season and “backing into” the playoff.

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