Week 11 Playoff Picture

3 top 10 teams lose! but only a minor change to the playoff picture as Miami now shares the third playoff spot with Clemson, not Notre Dame.

Central Florida and Notre Dame are still computer favorites for the fourth spot but neither is a lock if they win out and both face stiff competition getting there.

Wisconsin and Miami ‘could’ survive late losses in route to conference championships and still be “Contenders” for the playoff. The Big Ten East Champ is also in this category as is, finally, a 12-1 Oklahoma.

Media darling Auburn, playoff darkhorse USC, and mathematically alive Memphis are still in the picture. What would open the door to these deeper possibilities?

Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Central Florida face no further playoff hopefuls, a loss by any of these teams swings the door a bit wider for those further down the list.

Guarantees > 95%
100% Win-Out Champs: Alabama (57%), Miami (55%), Wisconsin (52%)
99.4% 1-loss Champ Georgia (26%)
99.1% 1-loss Champ Clemson (34%)
Contenders > 40%
89.7% 1-loss Champ Wisconsin (14%)
80.5% Undefeated
Central Florida (52%)
75.5% 2-loss At Large
Notre Dame (58%)
65.3% 1-loss Champ Miami (3%)
64.5% 2-loss Champ Ohio St (17%)
44.6% 2-loss Champ Michigan (1%)
42.6% 1-loss Champ Oklahoma (58%)
40.4% 2-loss Champ Penn State (1%)
Needs Help > 5%
32.2% 1-loss At Large Alabama (31%)
29.7% 1-loss At Large Wisconsin (16%)
26.5% 2-loss Champ Auburn (9%)
18.9% 2-loss Champ Georgia (5%)
14.0% 2-loss Champ USC (55%)
8.6% 1-loss Champ
Central Florida (2%)
6.6% 2-loss Champ Clemson (6%)
5.2% 1-loss Champ Memphis (30%)




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